Tuesday, 31 May 2011

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The Top Most Popular and Most Visited Websites of 2011

This year all the popular website's visitors are increase. So, below you can check the top most popular and visited websites of April 2011.

The Top Websites for April 2011
Website Name Unique Visitors Yearly Change
1 google.com 150,132,536 -0.34%
2 facebook.com 137,917,539 13.33%
3 yahoo.com 137,281,886 2.02%
4 youtube.com 123,404,304 22.42%
5 bing.com         86,836,886 48.43%
6 wikipedia.org 81,157,591 6.01%
7 amazon.com 74,978,780 12.71%
8 msn.com         73,799,209 8.95%
9 live.com         72,369,485 4.21%
10 ebay.com         67,372,294 -10.04%
11 blogspot.com 65,940,748 12.10%
12 microsoft.com 62,162,835 9.19%
13 craigslist.org 57,500,250 -5.52%
14 ask.com         54,508,628 -10.72%
15 go.com         49,504,372 17.32%
16 about.com 47,709,562 3.88%
17 aol.com         46,906,652 2.32%
18 walmart.com 46,349,561 14.15%
19 ehow.com   45,960,705 60.20%
20 answers.com 42,276,025 38.03%
21 mapquest.com 36,700,156 -9.61%
22 target.com 36,178,431 24.64%
23 weather.com 33,728,429 11.58%
24 wordpress.com 33,459,473 1.92%
25 netflix.com 33,129,869 52.15%
26 myspace.com 32,876,686 -53.60%
27 paypal.com 31,870,573 11.06%
28 apple.com   31,103,237 10.79%
29 adobe.com 31,079,363 3.17%
30 twitter.com 27,504,233 -0.75%
31 chase.com 26,432,079 5.86%
32 att.com         25,744,344 12.12%
33 bankofamerica.com 25,671,467 4.82%
34 imdb.com         23,787,667 -2.86%
35 groupon.com 23,768,883 655.82%
36 cnn.com         23,341,250 -13.93%
37 flickr.com         21,514,439 -13.68%
38 photobucket.com 20,523,415 -23.97%
39 comcast.net 20,077,436 57.38%
40 bestbuy.com 19,690,984 -1.66%
41 yellowpages.com 19,683,713 40.39%
42 irs.gov         19,682,366 -4.02%
43 jcpenney.com 19,452,462 33.94%
44 sears.com         19,348,832 25.28%
45 homedepot.com 19,244,361 3.58%
46 verizonwireless.com 18,440,068 11.74%
47 cnet.com         18,405,154 -13.40%
48 comcast.com 18,362,992 60.51%
49 wellsfargo.com 17,984,172 26.90%
50 lowes.com 17,949,686 19.84%
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Use Opera Browser for Slow Internet Connections

If you have a slow internet connection and you can very angry, when open a webpage. You should use opera browser for better speed. Opera launched new version called Opera 11.1.

You can download this browser from opera.com/browser for a better experience. You can also use turbo function of Opera 11.1 and enjoy a better browsing experience.
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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

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How to check if another person using my facebook Account?

There are many time we have very trouble if anyone using our facebook account and misuse that account. So by using these simple steps you can check if another person using your facebook account.

Open your facebook account

Click on account then click on account settings

Now go to account security and click

Now you can able to see all the mobile and computer devices which logged into your account. You can see the geographic location and the Ip address of the user. For extra safety you should choose receive emails and sms alerts if any unknown person try to logged into your account!

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Do you want to protect your important files and folders with passwords

Many times, we have some important files and folders which we want to protect form other persons. If you want only hide your files and folders then you should want to read this post about hides files and folders in windows.

For protect important files and folders with passwords you should download a software called safehouse explorer. After installing this software you can easily able to protect your files and folders with passwords. For full tutorial of doing this you should read this article by clicking here from labnol.org!
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Sunday, 22 May 2011

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How to make above 500 friends in a month

Are you interested to make 500 facebook friends in just a month so you can make true this very easily. Facebook becomes the very important part of social life and we want to enlarge our social networking by making hundreds of friends. So today I tell you some tips for making above 500 friends in a month or less than a month.

First, you try to request 4 or 5 friends from your people you may know and this will be helpful to make above hundreds of fans in a month so by this you can easily make above hundreds fans in just a month.

Along with first technique tell your best facebook friends to suggest his/her friends to you. So this will help you to make more hundreds of friends.

And last but not the least be friendly and sweet with your friends to retain them and to enlarge your friend list.
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What make the 'HT DESIRE S' so cool, awesome and very trendy

HTC LAUNCHED new desire phone of their desire series and its very good and sleek phone. This phone is so awesome because of the following facts:-

3.7-inch multi-touch display (800 x 480 pixels, S-LCD panel)

Weight is 130g

1 GHz Scorpion processor

Desire S’ media capabilities

YouTube video location for tracks

An Awesome Voice Recorder and Google’s Voice search

App Market is loaded with free stuff

3G, EDGE/GPRS, Wi-Fi with DLNA compliance for wireless streaming

Bluetooth with A2DP +EDR and USB 2.0

Adobe Flash 10.3 supported

And last but not the least its stylish and sleek look which makes this phone different and sexy from other smart phones!

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

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Ctrl shortcut keys easy way to understand

hello everyone, this cool picture is help you to understand shortcut keys of ctrl easily.


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Remove recycle bin from desktop

If you want to remove recycle bin from your desktop. Then this trick is for you.

NOTE-create your registry backup before using this trick.

Open the run command

Type ‘regedit’

Now follow this
Delete this file and you can easily remove the recycle bin form your desktop!

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Why you should not use public computers for personal and secret information

Why you should not use public computers for personal and secret information?
Some of people are use public computers for using their personal data and other secret information. They use their credit card no. email id’s password and many other tyoe of sensitive data. Why should not use public computers for these important works?

First of all, there are many hacking attacks on public computers which are done very easily. Public computers like cyber cafes, colleges and many other places, where the use of many people easily. Do not use these computers because these computers are affected by some spywares and they theft your personal information easily.

What is spywares?
Spywares are some type of software which are send your personal information to a stranger person without your permission, who is operate a system from a place which is very far from your computer system. Because public computers are easily operate by any person, they easily install some hidden software on the public computer and theft your personal data and secret information.

So keep away from those computers which are not safe!

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Want to hide something in your computer-any files or any folder-In Window 7 and Window xp

If you want to hide something in your computer any files or any folder. You just make a simple task.

Right click on the file or the folder which you want to do hide.

Select properties and check on the hidden and now press Apply.

Here you go. But the question is how you can made show again.

Ok for that purpose just go to tools -> files and folder options now just check on show the hidden files and folders.(windows xp)

In windos 7 click on organise:-

Now click on files and folder under views tab check on ‘shown hidden files and folders’

That’s it!
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WINDOWS 7 trick-How to highlight that folders which are currently in use

If you use window 7 and want to highlight that folders highlighted which are currently in use. so follow these simple steps:-

GO to organize

Folder and search options

Folder options

General tab

and now check on 'automatically expand to the current folder.

do this on your system.

this is very useful trick!

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

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An Amazing Google trick

Today i tell you the most amazing google trick. when try this google trick. you absoluotly say wow. it's truly amazing trick. for playing this just go to google.com and write this key word "google gravity' and press 'i'm feeling lucky button. and just wait for 5 seconds and you can see the power of Gravity.

Now you can also play with the google and the links on the page.

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