Wednesday, 29 June 2011

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5.0 Megapixel Camera Phone within 5,000 Rupees Budget

Nokia X2 rocks your photography experience within a low budget. The phones price around 4,500 to 5,000 rupees. Phone is available on all the leading mobile stores and nokia stores, you can also buy nokia X2 on ebay. The phone is not so heavy on your pocket about its price or its weight. The phone is very light because of 81 grams weight and for 13.30 mm thickness.

This 2.2 inch phone has a 5 megapixel camera which is cheapest in this 4,500 rupees budget. Of course the phone has a rocking photography experience with 5.0 megapixel camera. Nokia X2 has 64 MB internal memory which you can expand by slotting memory card. Phone has also call recording option and a good sound quality. The phone operates on java platform so you can download and enjoy java mobile apps and java games.

If we talking about this phone’s battery life, its awesome. The phone has 624 hours stand by time and 13.3 hours talktime. So nokia could do a good work in this budget and lots of features and accessability.
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You love to buy this Cool Nokia Phone

Wish to buy a good nokia phone within your budget than nokia 5233 is a good choice for you. The phone becomes a legend in the range price of 6,000 rupees to 7,000 with touch screen and a good camera. The phone is available on all the nokia stores and you can also buy this phone online like from flipkart, infibeam, ebay and many other sites.

The phone looks are so good, because a stylish look and 3.2 inch touch screen. The touch screen experience is also so excellent and for better sound, nokia gives a 3.5 mm headphone jack in the phone. The phone has also good internet experience and you can download many symbian applications and games in this mobile. Even you can play some cool motion games on it and enjoy a good gaming experience.

The phone has 2.0 megapixel camera which is good one. The camera captures picture on 240*320 resolution and the phone screen resolution is also 240*320 which is applicable on games and application size. The phone has good battery life. The video recording of the phone is also not bad, it is very clean and sharp.

Overall, the phone is very good in the budget of rupees 6,000 with touchscreen, a good camera, 3.2 inch screen, Bluetooth, gps and many other awesome functions. So you love to buy this cool nokia phone.
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Monday, 27 June 2011

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Nokia 2730 is a good phone in the range of 4,000 to 5,000

Nokia 2730 is a good phone by want to buy a good brand phone in the range of 4,000 to 5,000 rupees than this would be a good option for you. Nokia 2730 has 240*320 screen resolution and has a 2 inch screen. The weight of this phone is only 88 gram which is quite light.

Nokia 2730 is available on most of the nokia outlets or mobile shops. It has 2 megapixel camera with video recording. It is an java based phone so you can download and play java games and also you can download java applications for entertainment and education purpose. Nokia 2730 has 300 hrs battery stand up time and approximate 4 hours talk time. The price of this phone is around 4,000 rupees. I think this phone is good choice for those who wants to buy a nokia branded phone in the range of 4,000 to 5,000 rupees.
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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

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Do You Want Chat Without Revealing Your Identity

Do you want to chat without revealing your identity and without join the site or sign up. If yes than I tell you a site which gives this amazing service called '' where you can chat with strangers. The tag line of this site is ‘talk to strangers’ means, you do not want to join the site and not reveals your identity.

You can chat with the guys and girls and you don’t have the knowledge of the person with you will do chat. It is very interesting when you talk to a stranger even you can do video chat with the another person. So go to and start chatting.
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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

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Godrej launched new Refrigerator with FM Radio and MP3

You spend more time in kitchen and get bored when you continuous cook. If you are a music lover also, then this is good news for you. Godrej a top brand for refrigerators has launched a new refrigerator ‘Godrej Edge SX MuziPlay’ which is comes with FM Radio, MP3 Player and a mobile charger usb port. So you can easily enjoy music when you will cooked and also charge your mobile phone.

According to the company, in ‘Godrej Edge SX Muziplay’ the 'silver ion freshness’ technology can be used which is very powerful for fight against germs and ensure long time freshness. So you can enjoy your food in fresh form and this is good for health. The price of Godrej edge SX muziplay is Rs 12,690 for 183 liters capacity and Rs 15,660 for 221 liters.
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Play some cool Computer Pranks on Your Friends

If you can thinking about some cool pranks to fun with your friends on his/her computer then you are on the right place. Now I tell you 2 funny computer pranks which you can play on his desktop.

First prank is very simple if you are alone on his computer just close or minimize all the open windows and press ‘Print’ button. And now paste this in a graphic editor. You can also paste this in to ms paint also. Now save this image and set this image as desktop background. now right click on desktop and go to ‘view’ and uncheck on ‘show desktop icons’. Now your task is done when your friend try to click on any icon then that will not work and you make fun.

Second prank is simply a restart prank, this task is so easy. Just right click on any software icon for example internet explorer or adobe photoshop and now go to properties now change the ‘Target’ to this line “%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00″. Now when your friends try to open the internet explorer the computer will restart and you make laugh. I hope you will enjoy these funny pranks.
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Nokia’s 5 most Cheapest Phones in India

Want to buy nokia phone but not have a good budget, then try these cheapest phones which is available in India. There is many brands in india which offers many cheap phones but if you are not believe on that bottom brands and trust only in nokia then there is a good news for you that there are many low price phones in india. Today I tell you 5 phones which you can buy.

Nokia 1280 is a low price phone launched by nokia and this phone has all the basic functions which you expect in a good budget phone like FM Radio and Torchlight. The price of Nokia 1280 is around 1,000 Rs.

Nokia 1616 is another cheapest phone which has more features than Nokia 1280 and the price of this phone is around 1500 Rs.

Nokia 1800 price is around 1700 and this phone has some extra features like prepaid tracker, FM Radio and Dust resistant keypad.

Nokia 2690 has more features than above phones like memory card, mp3 player, java, external memory support upto 8GB, VGA camera, Bluetooth and price is around Rs 2500.

Nokia c1-01 is another fully featured phone and all the features like Nokia 2690 and also more affordable. The price of Nokia c1-01 is around 2500. And this phone has external memory capacity upto 32 GB.

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Use Yahoo Messenger for Better Chat Experience

There are many chat messengers or chat sites, but in my opinion Yahoo Messenger is the best medium of doing chatting and using for better communication. We can also make voice chat and most probably video calling. Most of the big business , doctors are using yahoo messenger for their meetings and other important communications.

If you have lots of facebook friends and you want to chat with them on Yahoo Messenger, then you can also chat with them using facebook plug ins.

Most of the features you can use in yahoo messenger are:-

- Text chat
- Voce call
- Video call
- Send text messages on phones
- Chatting with facebook friends
- Communicate with various emotions
- Check the mails
- Access to yahoo news.

You can download yahoo messenger by login to so download the latest version of yahoo messenger and start chatting even more.

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Monday, 13 June 2011

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Do you want to see your name on the place of Google

Hey friends, Do you want to see your name on the place of Google. there is an amazing site which helps you to see your name on the place of google on google homepage. You can do this easily with just go to this site and enter your name and you get your name as a google logo.

By taking screenshot you can also share this with your friends and enjoy it.
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Friday, 10 June 2011

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Newshunt is a Good Mobile Application for reading Indian newspapers.

There are many mobile applications for news, but the Newshunt is different from others and very useful to getting the latest updates and news. It is provide the news in many Indian languages like hindi, English, tamil and many other languages.

In Newshunt you can read hindi newspapers like Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Punjab Kesari, Amar Ujala and many more hindi newspapers. You can also reads English newspapers for business, politics, world, entertainment and technology news. I think this application is very useful for updating and getting information in your mobile.

You can download this application from Newshunt is available for all the GPRS enable mobile phones. So you can easily access this application on your mobile phone.
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Thursday, 9 June 2011

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Nokia X2-01 Review

Nokia X2-01 Is the another very good phone of Nokia. It is a qwerty keypad phone which is made especially for the purpose of better communication and a better user experience. This phone is fully compatible for all the popular apps and it also give the amazing social networking experience. This phone includes a better quality media player which is helpful for listen songs and watch videos.

The phone includes FM Radio and you can also watch videos on youtube. So, this will be a good entertainment package. Nokia X2-01 has includes 3 megapixel vga camera for a better picture quality in a genuine price. Nokia X2-01 has 55MB internal memory and you can also expand its external memory.

The battery life of the Nokia X2-01 is around 4 hours 30 minutes talk time and also 21 days standby time. The phone is very useful for those persons who likes messaging, chatting, facebooking and like to connect with friends. The phone has a good gaming experience on java platform. The phone price is around 3,500. And I think it’s a good deal for a Nokia fully loaded features.

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What you do if your task manager does not work?

Task manager is help us to watch the system activities, running programs and the usage of the softwares and usage of programs. We can use the task manager by right click on the task manager and open it. So many times the task manager is blocked via viruses or any other causes. In this situation when we try to open the task manager they’ll show the task manager is disabled by the administrator.

Now the solution is for turn on the task manager by following these easy steps:-

Go to start and open run

Type ‘gpedit.msc’ and press run or enter

Click on ‘Administrator template’

Now click on ‘system’

Open the ‘Ctrl+alt+del option’

Now double click on Remove task manager or open it and disable it

Now your task manager is turn on.

NOTE: I used this on my system And I successfully turn on task manager, but I give no guarantee to you that this trick 100% works. So use this at your own risk.
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Sunday, 5 June 2011

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How to Make a Black and White Image in Adobe Photoshop?

Hello everyone, if you want to doing something interesting with your images, so an idea for this purpose is to make or convert an beautiful image in black and white form. So you can easily doing this by using adobe photoshop. For doing this follow these simple steps:-

First start the adobe photoshop

Now open an image which you want

Click on image menu on menu bar

And now just go to adjustment

There is an option of ‘Desaturate’ click on this

And now you have done it!
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Microsoft will launched WINDOWS 8 Next Year

hey that's a great news Microsoft will launched Windows next version windows 8. Here a nice comic poster from
Thank you!
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List of 17 Websites Which Offers Watch TV Online

Hello everyone, do you want to watch tv online. now I telling you a list of 17 sites which offers watch online tv absoluoutly free. Here the list of free sites:-

1. Youtube you know very well about youtube and its quality streaming and this is also an another way of watching television online.

2. Wwitv another website for watching tv online.

3. FreeTVOnline this site provides you the free tv streaming on your pc and laptop.

4. Pplive is another site for watching tv online.

5. TV Shack the fifth website is tv shack this is also a very famous site helps you in live streaming.

6. Channelking as the name shows that it will helps you for viewing live streaming of various channels.

7. Chooseandwatch choose and watch means select your favourite channel and watch anytime you want.

8. The Film Wall film wall is a live streaming website.

9. Graboid Video for watching tv videos.

10. TV-Video watch tv video as your way.

11. Channel Chooser choose your favourite channel and watch online.

12. ABC another live tv streaming website.

13. PPStream

14. Surf the Channel

15. Streamic

16. Tevootv

17. Beelinetv

Thank you!
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Thursday, 2 June 2011

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Why the Facebook Username is so Useful?

Facebook is now becomes a social trend for every internet user. Facebook has over 600 million user over the World. It seems very big stat. well this name is very famous. And the facebook username is the identity or a address of specific person’s profile or a fan page like or Both these are the facebook fanpages which is an identity for both these pages. You could seen the ads on television of ponds india and they promote the fanpage to promote their products and events.

Well, the facebook username is very useful, you can also get a username and make an identity of your profile. For example your name is namit you can get the username like if this username is taken you should try for So these can you make an identity of your facebook profile with your name.

These name will very useful like if you want to tell a specific person like your friends or any person about your profile or send a friend request then you can tell your username like but if you don’t know how to get a username read my this post “How to Get a Facebook URL Address for My Facebook Profile“.
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How to Get a Facebook URL Address for My Facebook Profile?

Facebook URL is very useful to making an identity and address of your profile. Well if you want to get a facebook URL address. Follow these steps to get your username or the facebook URL address:-

Click on ‘Account’ link on the top of your Facebook profile.

Now go to the account settings.

Now you have seen the second option of username. now you can easily change or select a username. but there is disadvantage that you cant change your username after you select that. Facebook is very strict about their policies.or you can also get the specific facebook url by go to
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