Sunday, 31 July 2011

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How to Save Your Facebook Profile From Blocking?

Is your facebook profile blocked due to some reasons like sending many facebook requests to unknown people or any other reasons. Many people send many friend requests in a day, but this influence the your genuinity on facebook, because of facebook strict rules against the wrong use of facebook, so facebook makes these rules and conditions.

Do you really wants to save your profile from blocking by fb? If, yes then follow these simple things in your facebook life:-

First of all, a simple thing that don’t send too many friend requests to unknown people, if you wants to enlarge your friends list then don’t send requests to unknown people and send requests only to “people you may know” options and to those people who has mutual friends. And you can send daily 3-4 friends request to those people that you may know. By this you will saved you from blocking.

Don’t make wrong comments on public pages or any profiles that are abusive. And one more thing don’t comment too many links on any kind of status, this caused be banned your profile’s activities temporarily. So, these are some tips which helps to you from blocking on facebook. So, follow these simple tips and hv a happy facebooking.
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Friday, 22 July 2011

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5 Essential Security Tips

Today’ the internet is become more popular aspect ever, because of its more usability and essentiality in our personal and professional life. We use internet services for communication, education, entertainment, information, research and many other important or unimportant work, but when we more dependent on it, then on thing which many times makes very curious about security. Security is very important for our online life.

We use gmail, yahoomail, facebook, orkut, twitter and many other useful social and email sites for communication, information and fun. Many people store many important data in their emails, so it is important to secure your accounts and data and of course personal details on web. So, use following essential tips to increase your email and your online life security:-

1. Use long and strong password for your email, not use the dictionary words in your password and use mix passwords I mean alphabetical, numeric and sumbols in your password for makes more secure your accounts.
2. Don’t click on strange link on any website or any suspicious website.
3. Don’t tell your personal information in any communication or in chat.
4. Don’t make fool in various kind of offers to make thousands of money in minutes, all are fake.
5. Use different passwords for different services to make more secure your accounts.

So, these are the 5 essential security tips to increase your security.
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

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Wrap your images with a plastic effect in Photoshop

It is a good photoshop effect that helps you to wrap your images in a plastic paper with simply an adobe photoshop effect. You can easily do this with any photoshop version. Choose a good image or picture in photoshop and here in you can just a simple work with a option in menu bar.

Go to filter option in menu bar and just click on artistic and now click on plastic wrap. Here you can apply this effect. You can see this below image.

You can also easily customize this plastic wrap effect.
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Cheapest GPRS plans in india

Tata docomo provides you the best cheapest gprs plans in india, with a good internet speed. I think tata docomo is the best internet provider in india because of a good and genuine speed with genuine data plans. The one day plan of tata docomo is in only rupees 5 with one day validity and you get 50 mb data.

The second plan is of rupees 15 which gives you three days validity and 500 mb data, which is very useful for those which uses internet for only some specific purpose.

The third plan of docomo is of rs. 69 which gives you 2.5 gb data for one month and this is most famous gprs recharge.

The fourth gprs plan is of rupees 99 which gives 4 gb data for internet usage on mobile and computers for 2 months validity. You can easily get setting of tata docomo by just sending an sms on 52270 by write ‘INTERNET’ and you get easily setting on your gprs enable phone.
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Monday, 18 July 2011

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4 Amazing Funny Google Tricks

You always open google for some information or any serious work or social networking, but you can also do some fun with google. I tell you some amazing funny google tricks by ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button or you can say this is funny first result. Below are some cool google keywords for make some fun:-

Google Gravity- this trick is so awesome just type ”google gravity” and press ‘I’m feeling button’ and here you go. All the elements will become without gravity.

Google Pacman Game- this is also an amazing trick to play pacman.

Epic Google- this will make the google logo slowly slowly bigger.

Annoying Google- this will helps you to make annoying typing with mix of capital and small words.

So these are the tricks to have fun with google. If you know more keywords than share here in comments.
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How to Make a Shortcut for any Program

We use many software program and if we want to make easy to start a program than we give programs to shortcut keys. shortcut keys are very important because these keys are used to save time and comfortability. We can use shortcuts in many programs like Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, paint, word and many other essential softwares. We can use cut, copy, paste in these softwares, which is essential and help us to make work easy and obviously saving time. Follow these steps to create any program shortcut:-

First, click on start or just go to your program for which you want to create shortcut like google chrome.

Right click on google chrome icon and just select properties

Now there are option of shortcut.

Fill their any alphabet

For eg. G and enter now your shortcut key is ctr+alt+g

You can apply these steps to any program like ms excel, word, powerpoint , photoshop or any program which you want.
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5 Google Search Tips to Make your Results Better

Google is the no. 1 search engine all over the world. We daily use google for many searches like travel, shopping, jobs, social networking site and want to search many interesting stuff. We can do search everything on google. But how, you can make searches results more better and more accurate. Today I give you some tips for searching better results. Here are the tips:-

If you want exact words in the result than type with “ for example on behalf of MARKETING JOBS IN INDIA, you should type “MARKETING JOBS IN INDIA” for finding better results.

Second tip, if you want some tutorials on any topic. Search the keywords with the word HOW TO, this makes help you to find more better result.

Third tip, if you want the google search in a specific site, for eg. in google search just type COMPUTER PRANKS. So by this way, you can find some cool computer pranks on

If you want to search some images, infographics or wallpapers. Use GOOGLE IMAGE for better results. You can only search images, in this way.

If you want to search such kind of term like maps, books, news than use google service links on homepage of google.
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Saturday, 16 July 2011

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How Facebook Beats Orkut?

Orkut is a social networking site by google and this is the first famous social networking site as I know. In india the craze of orkut is on high in 2008 to 2010. But after a good session, facebook beats orkut by giving a good user experience and simplicity.

If we talking about orkut, than orkut’s profile layout so awesome and beautiful while in facebook, this option is unavailable. In this concern orkut is better, because of its beautiful layouts and themes.

In orkut there is no like option, which is facebook have and facebook is better because of this like button to follow as we like.

News feed option is missing in orkut that makes orkut very lazy.

If we want to communicate with our friends in a group so this feature is also not available in orkut.

Orkut has the feature of sending beautiful scraps, bur which is unavailable in facebook. So in this concern orkut beats facebook.

Orkut supports gif format and flash but this is not available in facebook. We cant send beautiful and crazy scraps in facebook.

In facebook, we easily share links without any warning, but in orkut we cant do this easily because of external link warning.

Orkut supports HTML, but facebook does not support HTML.

More importantly term of privacy in which facebook wins the whole race, you can fully customize your privace in facebook, so there is less privacy concerns and orkut have not such kind of privacy options. Even all friends read our private or publc scrap both.

Facebook gives a good function of creating events, but it is not available in orkut.

Orkut has no strong chat option because of offline network concerns.

Overall, facebook has more customization in privacy, communication, photo sharing by tagging, event creating, easily access all information on home page, very helpful in information and entertainment, commenting with friends, these all options makes facebook better than orkut.
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Google’s new Commercial in India

Now facebook gives more competition to google after launching video confressing in facebook. After this, for capturing more interaction by Indian internet users, google launch a beautiful tv commercial on Indian television. This google commercial is very attractive, because of presenting all the google services like gmail, search, maps, translate, blogger, youtube and many other services in a very attractive way.

In my opinion google this ad campaign will very successful, because of this nice and different tv commercial, this ad attracts people attention to itself. I hope google gets more success in future and provide us more and more user experience with its quality services. In this clutter environment on Indian television this commercial will surely get more attention.
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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

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A Brand new free classified site is a new free classified site from tradus. is very simplified and user friendly site with a good design. Now classified sites make more money from their site. Well, is also a good shopping site, because of their products and their promotional offer.

If we talking about the worth of it has 7,338 alexa rank with 1,49,000 daily pageviews in such a short time. Because of popularity and promotion of on google ads and other online ads and with tradus promotion. While we talking about free classified sites than we see with their tv commercials and of course for their better seo.

Overall, Tradusads is a good website because of its user interface, simple web design, free classified and many more capabilities. You can easily post a new ad for job, buy-sell, education, finance and many other facilities provided by them.
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Sunday, 10 July 2011

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Top 10 classified sites in india

Internet has becomes a big boon for all the small, medium and big companies because internet connects all the world in a network. Today india is a growing internet country and the online advertisement industry is over 1,000 crore. there are an opportunity to grow small and medium business by the help of internet and they get a great help by free classified sites in india. below I tell you the top 10 classified sites:-


These are the 10 most visiting Indian classified sites. has 1,300 around alexa rank which is very good. is founded by Pankaj agarwal (an IIM indore passout), he makes a good amount by their website. is a good classified site with a good website design. is founded by fabrice grinda an economics graduate and getting huge revenue by his website. Now a days we can also watch their tv. Ads which is very attractive about buying and selling. is the another 4th most popular website in india with a good web design and good user experience. is another site which have launched in around 4o countries. has 6th rank with 5,500 alexa rank which is also very good and they also makes huge money. makes 7th rank in this list which is founded in 2003 and now it is a big advertising player in india. has 8th rank and it is a site of classified company of is the another website which is the online startup of dainik jagran group.

Adeex is the fresh and fastest growing website in india which makes it place in top list of classified sites in india.
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Google changes their looks

Google is the biggest search engine and also operate biggest online advertising program and popular for their new and awesome services. Now Google changes their looks with a black navigation bar and many other changes in layouts of different services like gmail, google reader, google calendar, images and all the leading services for maximizing user experience and this makes google a big experimental search engine or we can say a big company innovations in their services.

Google not make changes very carelessly, before doing any changes google first get the feedback by their users about their new looks, layouts and user experience of their services and then google decide what should make a better user experience.

Tosay’s internet market google’s biggest competitors facebook now integrate their services like video chats, chat sidebar. You can also see a chat sidebar on facebook that you can send one click message to your friends with you can mostly interact online. So there is more competiton in the biggest two internet boons which makes better user services for future. This will be interesting to see that how the competition will be goes on how they maximize user satisfaction and experiences.
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Saturday, 9 July 2011

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4 Ways to Call from PC to PC

Many times you think about internet technology when you sit in front of your computer and think we connect with the whole world with my internet connction and I have give no extra cost except my internet charges. Is there any way to call from my pc to my friend’s pc or any another person which you want. So today, I tell you 4 common ways to call from PC to PC.

First is yahoo messenger, which definietly you used for chatting to your friends or chat in a chat room which you likes. But there is an option for calling pc to pc called Voice call, which helps you to talk to another person which is now online. So this is very convenient an easy. Download yahoo messenger

Second way is Gtalk. Which is a messenger from google helps you to chat and share files with your friends. You can also call from pc to pc with an easy way. Download Gtalk

3rd way is PC-telephone which is a software helps you to doing call from pc to pc. It is a great utility of that software which can helps us to talk with our friends online. Download PC-telephone

Last and 4th way is Skype messenger which is also helps you to make voice call and also video call from voice internet protocol. Skype latest version 5.5 you can download by click here.
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How to use internet without GPRS on your mobile

If you have not any GPRS mobile and have a simple phone which you can use for call and text messaging (SMS) then this post for you. A service which can helps you to use internet services on your mobile without any internet connection and gprs.

Txtweb is a service which can provide you this facility by simply sending message. how it is works, for this you should sending a message on 9243342000 for india and 6503858882 for US. For example if you want jokes on your mobile just TYPE ‘@JOKES’ and send it to 9243342000. And here you get it the jokes and you can also use more services like live cricket score, news, Wikipedia, latest updates and many other cool stuff on your mobile without GPRS on your mobile.
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Friday, 8 July 2011

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How Facebook helps you to promote your business?

Facebook Is the biggest social networking site ever with over 600 million users. Facebook is the biggest medium of communication, information and to stay connected. Today, every big and small companies use facebook to promote their product and services. Facebook gives you an opportunity to reach your business audience who are interested in your products.

For promoting your business, create a facebook fanpage for your product and now just promote this page by facebook ads, which are not so costly. The good thing about facebook ads is that, you can only promote your business in your target audience. Let say, if you have a small business in your city and want to target a particular segment in your city, then you can create your ads for your city people with interest is your products. Or if you have a large business then apply same technique on a big segment within your business reach. So by this you can easily promote your business on facebook.
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How can you block your lost atm card?

Hello everyone, our atm card is very important for us. We never wants to lost our atm card. But, unluckily if your atm card is lost, then you absoloutly wants to block that bcoz of any one misuse your atm card. So if you want to block your atm card, then call on 1800-112-211 or 080-26599990.they should definitely help you.
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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

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Mark Zuckerberg has maximum followers on Google+

Facebook CEO has the maximum followers on Google plus. According to Google+ statistics, he has 21,213 followers. After that there is no. of google CEO, who has 14,798 followers, Google social czar Vic Gundotra has 13,783, Google co-founder Sergey Brin has 11,629, blogger Robert Scoble has 11,389, Google spam avenger Mhast Cutts has 9,153, TWIT founder Leo Laporte has 7,566, Google’s Bradley Horowitz has 7,187, TechCrunch’s MG Siegler has 6,579 and blogger Gina Trapani has 5,649 followers.

This statistics shows that how popular is facebook and facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. And I think this would be a great growth war in Google+ and Facebook.
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I think facebook needs some emotions to make better communication

Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking site with 600 million users. We daily use facebook to share our emotions, feelings, ideas, information etc. it becomes the biggest boon for connecting each other with friends, relatives and even for business parties. Now every large and small companies uses facebook for better marketing of their products and services.

We daily likes status, comment on them, discussions on many topics and chat with friends. But many times we are not capable to communicate our feelings with each other, because of less words knowledge or complicated feelings. If we talking about yahoo messenger, there are an option for emotions that describe our feelings like sad, love, heart, make fun etc. in facebook we use some words like lol and omg. But these are not ok for better communicate our feelings. So I mean there should be a feeling button on facebook for much better communication.
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Monday, 4 July 2011

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How to remove the arrows form the shortcut icons

We make all the program’s shortcuts on our desktop and use them as quick as we open our windows, but there is a problem not so big, but that’s on your liking or unliking. We seen an arrow on the desktop shortcut icons which shows that are the shortcuts, but if you want to remove that arrows from their shortcut icons, follow these simple steps:-

Open your registry editor by type ‘regedit’ in ‘run’

Now goto ‘HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/inkfile’

Here delete the ‘isshortcut’ character. Here you will easily remove the arrows from shortcuts.
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How can I change the mp3 songs info

Many times, when we listen mp3 songs and there are many songs which we want to add into our favorite music collection, then, there is born a query that how can I edit the mp3 file or mp3 song info, like songs rating stars, comments, subtitle and artist contribution etc., so for edit the mp3 info following these simple steps:-

First right click on the mp3 file or song

Now click on properties

Then click on ‘details’ tab

Here you will easily edit or change the mp3 songs info.
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Delete the full cells in excel with the content

Many times, in Microsoft excel we want to delete a particular cell or many cells. We just select that cell or cells and press the delete button, but by this way only content can be delete. But if you want to delete the whole cell just press (CTR.) + (-) combination and this will be delete your full cell with the content.
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Homeshop18 offers HCL ME 7 inch touch screen tablet in a reasonable price

Homeshop 18 is india’s first tv shopping channel gives an oppurtunity to grab a HCL ME tablet in 10,990 rupees which is very good. The tablet is very portable, that it is of only 7 inches and the most better thing in this that it can be offer by homeshop 18 with a good discount of RS. 4000, Because the market price of this 7 inch portable tablet is around 15,000 rupees.

You will also get 2GB SD CARD worth rupees 2499. It is amazing that an android tablet within a budget of 10 to 11 thousand. The tablet operates on 2.2 foryo android system and this can be make a good internet and application experience.

The tablet has many key features like e-reading, g sensor, 0.3mp camera, 256 MB RAM, 2GB SD card with mapmyindia, and upto 8GB expandable memory and many other features. You can buy this tablet on it is very good for the users who want a tablet pc within a budget of 10 to 15,000 and also an android tablet.

Incoming Searches
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LG will launched 3D laptops in india

LG is ready for launching 3D laptops in india very soon. LG is a leading brand in LCD tvs, washing machines, Refrigerators, air conditioners and many other home appliances. LG is already effected in the monitor market with a good market share and now ready to make a new segment for 3D laptops.

This is probably a great news for whom those believe in LG products and like to watch 3D movies and 3D games on their laptops. 3D gives us a new gaming and watching movie experience and Now LG will give us that opportunity to experience a new world.

Well LG will have more competition from their competitors like DELL, SONY, ACER, HP etc. this will very interesting to seen a great competition between LG and its competitors that how LG will differentiate their product from them.

Incoming Searches

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An easy way to Convert Web pages into PDF files

Many times when we surf the web, there are many good web pages and informations which we want to save for later use and we save that web page, but that is very irritating when we carry the web page with its files folders. So if you want to avoid that problem or any reason you want to save your webpages in pdf format than use an internet service which is absoluoutly free and also very easy to use for converting them to pdf files.

Pdfmyurl is a free service to converting your favourite web pages to pdf files. Just follow these simple steps:-

First go to

Now enter the url of the web page which you want to convert

Now here you will ready for downlod your pdf file of that webpage.

It is damn easy. Isn’t it?
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How to setup your BLOGGER blog on custom BIGROCK domain?

Bigrock is a good service for buying domain names and webhosting. In india bigrock is a new and very famous company for their tv ads and also for their google ads. If you can buy a bigrock domain for your blogger blog and don’t know how can you setup your domain to redirect on your blog. Just follow these simple steps:-

First you buy a big rock domain by making an account on if you does not yet buy

Now login to your bigrock account

Click on Domain tab

Click on ‘list of all orders’

Now click on the domain which you want to setup

Click on DNS tab


Now here you can manage your domain dns by filling various records.

But you just have to fill up two records in ‘CNAME RECORDS’


Now in first record on host name fill ‘www’

And insert value ‘’

Now save that record

In second case fill this but save your host name blank without ‘www’ prefix because if any body use your url without ‘www’.

Now the second setup is login to your blogger account and go to settings

Click on publishing tab

And publish with your own bigrock custum domain

Now just fill your own domain name details and save this.

This is take time upto 48 hours or take less time.

So these are the steps for setup your own custom domain on your blog.
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Saturday, 2 July 2011

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Facebook chat on Skype

That’s an awesome news for all the facebook lovers and also for Skype lovers. Now they can easily chat with facebook friends on the skype platform on your mobile. Even you can now do video calling with your facebook friends on skype. Skype launched new version called skype 5.5.

You know that microsoft announced buy skype in 8.5 billion dollors which is very large amount, so I think mark zuckerberg is very curious and make some new innovation with skype. So you can also take some benefit from this bu using skype sevices on your mobile, windows and other platforms.

Skype users also can use the very famous LIKE button of facebook on skype as well.
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Google claims 20% market share for Google Chrome

Google chrome web browser by Google inc. has take more than 20% market share in web browsing market. While microsoft’s internet explorer which is slipped on below 50 percents. Google chrome was launched in december 2008. Almost a past year back chrome has only 2.8 % market share and till this year chrome make grow its market share upto 9 to 10 times.

In early 2000s microsoft internet explorer was the king in web browsing market by 95% market share and now its market shares decreses below 50% according to internet statistics company Statcounter.
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