Friday, 25 October 2013

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BBM for Android and Iphone app breaks all Records

As the BBM released, it got more than 10,00,000 downloads in just 1 day and that’s so amazing to see the popularity of a app in google play and Apple app store.

People were waiting for the BBM from many days, and that was one of the reason that BlackBerry Messenger is getting these much of popularity and exposure in App market mostly in India, where mostly Android Smartphone market exists.

BBM officials announced that one should go to for downloading application from their Android or Iphone device, because in app stores, numerous Fake apps from the Name BBM exists.
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Saturday, 19 October 2013

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Time Saving List of Facebook Shortcut keys

We all know how much facebook has been used by all of us, so because of this high usage of facebook, you wants to save your time and doing activities faster, then i am going to share some cool facebook shortcut keys which will helps you to save your time and make a faster FB surfing experience.

So, here are the brief list of Shortcut keys for facebook.
Alt + 0 — Help
Alt + 1 — Home
Alt + 2 — Timeline
Alt + 3 — Friends
Alt + 4 — Inbox
Alt + 5 — Notifications
Alt + 6 — Account Settings
Alt + 7 — Privacy
Alt + 8 — About
Alt + 9 — Terms
Alt + m — New Message

j , k — Scroll between News Feed stories
p — Post a new status
l — Like or unlike the selected story
c — Comment on the selected story
s — Share the selected story
o — Open attachment of the selected story
/ — Search
q — Search chat contacts
? — Show this help dialog
Enter — Focus on the text box when making a post

Enjoy, the usage of these shortcuts and make your facebook experience more interesting.

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

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Best Camera to buy in 5,000 Rs budget this Diwali

Diwali is near and many people wants to buy a fantastic camera which captures all their awesome moments of their life in this festive season. And if your budget is around 5,000 INR, then i have a very good option for you that according to me is the best option in this price range.

Nikon Coolpix L28 Point and shoot, what i am talking about, its a 20 MP camera with 4 times digital zoom and 5 times optical zoom.

Its best in HD recording with 720p to record the videos and share on youtube and facebook.

4 GB SD Card is also come with the camera, battery backup is also good.

For previewing the visuals Nikon L28 has 3 inch TFT screen.

I searched a lot on the internet about the best camera, and i come to know Nikon L28 point and shoot camera as 20.1 Megapixel is not possible in this price range.

Buy it Now, and Get a Huge Discount from Filpkart!

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Tata Docomo New SIM Diwali Dhamaka Offer

Tata docomo recently launched their new SIM offer, in which they are giving 2 New connections in 70 Rs. What will you get if you buy this 70 Rs 2 new Docomo’s numbers?


500 MB data free for first two month each on both the SIM cards, means 2 GB free data for 2 months.

40 Rs balance as a talktime on both the numbers. So you can enjoy the first recharge offer on both the sim.

This offer is available in Haryana, may be in other states the similar offer could be available.

I bought this offer from MY City Sonepat which is situated in Haryana. If you are living in sonipat, you can grab this offer near railway station where there is a list of telecommunications retailers are available.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

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Highspeed Free Internet 3G Latest Airtel Trick

Airtel is the no. 1 telecom brand in india, if you are a customer of airtel then i have a great information or you can say a free trick for you. We all know now a days, almost all the telecom companies in india like docomo, aircel, Vodafone, bsnl, reliance and other companies are raising their GPRS, 3G and internet packs, so in this case airtel users have a chance to save some money.

Here is the trick, you need to use free 3G internet on your mobile if you are a Airtel subscriber.
Change this below setting in your internet settings:

Port: 80

Here you go, now you can enjoy free internet on your mobile or Laptop.

Note: Before using this trick, make sure you have less than 1 rs balance and enjoy.

You can also do comment about the experience of using this trick.
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Friday, 4 October 2013

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IDEA upgraded 2G GPRS Internet 1 GB Pack

IDEA upgraded 2G GPRS Internet 1 GB Pack

Now, like other telecom companies idea also renew their existing GPRS 2G plans and introduced their 1 GB special pack to more higher price in 155 INR (Indian Rupees) which was earlier of Rs. 125 with the validity of 28 days.

Here is the List of the Plans with the Data usage and Price:
450 MB   99 Rs
625 MB   126 Rs
1 GB    155 Rs
Unlimited 2 GB   199 Rs
5 GB    305 Rs
Unlimited 3 GB    405 Rs

I wrote some data usage with the unlimited which means after the mentioned data usage, your max. Speed will become upto 40kbps. Recently BSNL also revised their 1 GB plan to 139 Rs, As per my knowledge Tata docomo has most affordable plans in Haryana. May be that is also for limited time, they will also surely increase. Now they are providing  4 GB for 149 Rs and 6 GB for 249 Rs with 2 months validity.

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