Saturday, 25 January 2014

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Free Recharge Working Websites List 2015

After so much time, I am writing this post for all you guyz to bringing the benefit of having free recharges on your mobile phone to saving some of your money. You can recharge any mobile on any network like Docomo, Airtel, BSNL, Videocon, IDEA etc which are applicable in India. This workingwebsites trick also working in 2015.

This list of the websites I am sharing which actually gave me many of talktime and GPRS STV recharges on my Docomo and Vodafone number. I hope you will also have a very profitable experience with these websites.

Note : I am sharing these websites, because I got successfully recharge from these. There are hundreds of websites on the internet many of them are fake. So, you don’t need to try all those websites. I did the work easy for you. I will add more websites in the list if I will find any working and relevant sites to make free recharges

1. Ultoo One of my favorite, there are lots of ways to earn a recharge like sending free sms to your friends, so it has dual benefits, refer your friends, play games, answers some polls and get the recharge value.

2. Laaptu Name is similar to previous one, but it also gets the successfully recharge, you can also do if you have minimum 10 rs on your laaptu account, earn more with inviting your friends.

3. Pickzup It gives 3 times more RC value by inviting your buddies, and have lots of Exciting games to play and win.
I will add some more working free recharge websites to this list. So, bookmark this page and keep visiting for more Good stuff and useful tips.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

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How to Increase Facebook Likes and Followers [FAST]

Facebook becomes the most biggest networking and communication platform and many people are using to make a mode of grabbing Fame and Popularity by the help of Facebook sharing platform. People are creating pages of their own, and sharing their stuff with their friends, fans and followers to grabbing the Likes and praise comments.

Many people are struggling in finding the efficient ways toincreasing the Likes and Followers on their Facebook Pages and Profile to showing off their Popularity and connections. Now, if you are one of them and wants to increase the no. of Social Likes, Shares and Followers with a Free and Fast trick then you are on the right place. I will tell you the step by step process to achieve your goals and targets to reach a no. of Likes or followers which can be 500, 1000, 2000 or 10000. You will be able to achieve all these goals by my simple trick and further upon your efforts that on which level you will reach in future.

First of all, You have to find a social Exchange website in simple means, you like other people and they follow you on behalf of this. So, simple right?

But, finding a great social exchange service is not an easy task, because you don’t know which is working best. Now I am making your task very Easy.

Addmefast is a free service which is used by thousands of people over the Globe to Increase their Shares, Likes, Followers and So on. So Click here to Join Addmefast.

Now, sign up and your account is ready, with some free points. Now you can Go to the Facebook likes, shares, followers, post likes, twitter tweets, google plus circles and so on. And just follow or like them and Increase your points.

You can redeem your points by adding your pages like facebook page, status to increase the likes or shares, retweets, google plus circles by setting the no. of how many you want and setting up a cpc that how many points you wants to spend on each unit. You can also choose the specific country from which you wants exchange like United states (US), India, Canada etc. and submit the information and there you go.

Check your pages or profile which you have added to addmefast, there you will see the no. is growing on as per your properties you earlier setup in the site.

I hope you enjoyed this piece of information, if you. Then please share this with your friends also. And keep visiting our website to get more useful information like these.

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