Friday, 14 February 2014

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How I Unlock my Karbonn Android phone?

I am using Karbonn A27+ and today my Cousin locked it by attempting patterns lock more than 5 times. So, it was asking for email address and password of the google account attached with my android phone. But, the problem was it has disable the data connection though it was not able to authenticate the lock.

I had search a lot of hours on internet to how can I unlock, I found many tricks on how to unlocked android phone without internet connection. But, only one way works and I am sharing here so you can understand that how exactly it works. Follow these easy steps to unlock your phone which is locked by over attempting patterns, pins or passwords.

Step 1

Power off your mobile.

Step 2

Hold the volume down key with power button.

Step 3

Now your phone will turn on and a black screen with many option come out, Choose the option of erase the phone memory, in my case there is erase the eMMC option on 4th place. So, you can format your phone
from there and your android device will be unlocked.

It works with karbonn mobiles, but I have read on many places that the black menu comes with Volume up plus power key with home key. So, if the above way not works you can use the other combination of shortcuts.

Please do comment if you have the similar issues and share your views that it is working with you or not. If you have any other way to unlock android phones, feel free to share.

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