Tuesday, 29 July 2014

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How to increase the Internet Speed - most easy ways

In India, we usually find very slow speed in mostly 2G Networks, but in 3G and Broadband, complains of Less speed are very few, but 3G and Broadband are not available in whole india. Indian internet users are mostly uses from their mobile phones. So, what are the most simple and easy tricks to enhance the speed of browsing and Downloading.

All these tricks are working with all the Broadband connection like BSNL broadband, MTNL Broadband etc. All the 3G and 2G networks like airtel internet, docomo, Vodafone, BSNL, Videocon, Aircel and others GSM and CDMA Internet Networks.

Follow the below listed ways to increase the speed in Mobile Internet and Desktop or laptop:

1. Usually whenever we access to the Web, we enable all the flash, images, javascript and another rich media, so they take all the bandwidth coming from the ISP. So, just go to browser settings and disable the media  or javascript, which you don’t wants to use and browse. This is the most simple and easy way to increase the speed of your internet.

2.  The another most easy trick to make more faster your internet on Desktop PC in Windows or MAC is change your DNS to the Open DNS, which is more faster  and Secure than your default DNS. Just Change it to the below DNS:

How to change DNS to Increase your internet speed in windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows 8?

1.       Go To your control panel.

2.       Click on Network and Connections

3.       Click on Connections “Local Area Connection”

4.       Click on Properties

5.       Now click on Internet Protocol Version 4 IPV4

6.       Open Properties and Tick on “Use the Following DNS server Addresses”

7.       Now fill the above mentioned DNS


8.       Now feel the Difference in your internet speed

          3.  Another way is a Simple way, For mobile download a Task manager android app, windows or iphone app and timely kill the Tasks which are using your 3G or 2G internet bandwidth likewise on Windows or MAC just open the Task manager and Delete or end all the unwanted process. This will also help you in Making faster your internet speed.

I hope you like all the ways I shared with you. For more Useful tips, tricks and reviews, keep visiting techntelecom.blogspot.com.

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