Tuesday, 12 November 2013

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Free Photo effect Android App with Social Sharing feature

Are you finding a free photo editing website or an app for your android or Iphone? Today, I am going to share my favorite android app which is also available for other mobile operating system platform including IOS and blackberry. Instagram is one of my favorite app, you can easily edit your images with colorful effects and crop them with an auto social sharing feature, so you can easily share your pics with your facebook friends and twitter followers in no time.

This app is working offline also, so you can even edit your pictures without internet access from your android device. With more than 100 million users, no doubt it is no. 1 Photo app in the world. You can’t sign up from your pc to instagram.com, though you need to download their app from the Google play store or Apple istore.

Colorful filters like amaro, Mayfair, X-pro 2 etc make your images a beautiful look. Imagine you are on trip or in travelling and you can share your Photos with colorful views, and instant sharing on facebook. It’s really great Application. You must have in your smartphone.
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Saturday, 9 November 2013

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Easy Professional video editing with Camtasia Studio

Hey guyz, I know many of you create some awesome videos to share on social media and youtube for sharing with your friends and family members. But, don’t know how you can professionally edit your videos, and you don’t have enough time and money to spend on learning this skill. Then I am going to share the way, you will be able to edit your beautiful videos very quick and instant.
Camtasia Studio 8
Camtasia studio is a Software running on Windows and MAC Operating systems. You can download a free trial or buy from their official website techsmith.com. I am using Camtasia studio from many days, and I love the mechanism of how everything is arranged for editing great videos, especially for newbies. There is simple drag and drop timeline, where you can put all the media objects (Photos, Videos, Music) and effects very easily.

It will not take more than few days to learn or be an expert of camtasia studio. Another main feature of Camtasia studio is you can easily record your screens and create your tutorials or some messages which you wants to share with your friends or to the world by the help of none other than youtube.

Some days ago, I find some posts on facebook for people who have some incredible talent like singing, dancing and so on which they want to share with the world, but they don’t know how to edit videos in an efficient manner. So, if you are the person who is actually find an easy way to do this task perfectly, then this tool will surely helps you.
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Friday, 25 October 2013

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BBM for Android and Iphone app breaks all Records

As the BBM released, it got more than 10,00,000 downloads in just 1 day and that’s so amazing to see the popularity of a app in google play and Apple app store.

People were waiting for the BBM from many days, and that was one of the reason that BlackBerry Messenger is getting these much of popularity and exposure in App market mostly in India, where mostly Android Smartphone market exists.

BBM officials announced that one should go to BBM.com for downloading application from their Android or Iphone device, because in app stores, numerous Fake apps from the Name BBM exists.
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Saturday, 19 October 2013

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Time Saving List of Facebook Shortcut keys

We all know how much facebook has been used by all of us, so because of this high usage of facebook, you wants to save your time and doing activities faster, then i am going to share some cool facebook shortcut keys which will helps you to save your time and make a faster FB surfing experience.

So, here are the brief list of Shortcut keys for facebook.
Alt + 0 — Help
Alt + 1 — Home
Alt + 2 — Timeline
Alt + 3 — Friends
Alt + 4 — Inbox
Alt + 5 — Notifications
Alt + 6 — Account Settings
Alt + 7 — Privacy
Alt + 8 — About
Alt + 9 — Terms
Alt + m — New Message

j , k — Scroll between News Feed stories
p — Post a new status
l — Like or unlike the selected story
c — Comment on the selected story
s — Share the selected story
o — Open attachment of the selected story
/ — Search
q — Search chat contacts
? — Show this help dialog
Enter — Focus on the text box when making a post

Enjoy, the usage of these shortcuts and make your facebook experience more interesting.

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

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Best Camera to buy in 5,000 Rs budget this Diwali

Diwali is near and many people wants to buy a fantastic camera which captures all their awesome moments of their life in this festive season. And if your budget is around 5,000 INR, then i have a very good option for you that according to me is the best option in this price range.

Nikon Coolpix L28 Point and shoot, what i am talking about, its a 20 MP camera with 4 times digital zoom and 5 times optical zoom.

Its best in HD recording with 720p to record the videos and share on youtube and facebook.

4 GB SD Card is also come with the camera, battery backup is also good.

For previewing the visuals Nikon L28 has 3 inch TFT screen.

I searched a lot on the internet about the best camera, and i come to know Nikon L28 point and shoot camera as 20.1 Megapixel is not possible in this price range.

Buy it Now, and Get a Huge Discount from Filpkart!

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  • best digital camera within 5000 rs
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Tata Docomo New SIM Diwali Dhamaka Offer

Tata docomo recently launched their new SIM offer, in which they are giving 2 New connections in 70 Rs. What will you get if you buy this 70 Rs 2 new Docomo’s numbers?


500 MB data free for first two month each on both the SIM cards, means 2 GB free data for 2 months.

40 Rs balance as a talktime on both the numbers. So you can enjoy the first recharge offer on both the sim.

This offer is available in Haryana, may be in other states the similar offer could be available.

I bought this offer from MY City Sonepat which is situated in Haryana. If you are living in sonipat, you can grab this offer near railway station where there is a list of telecommunications retailers are available.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

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Highspeed Free Internet 3G Latest Airtel Trick

Airtel is the no. 1 telecom brand in india, if you are a customer of airtel then i have a great information or you can say a free trick for you. We all know now a days, almost all the telecom companies in india like docomo, aircel, Vodafone, bsnl, reliance and other companies are raising their GPRS, 3G and internet packs, so in this case airtel users have a chance to save some money.

Here is the trick, you need to use free 3G internet on your mobile if you are a Airtel subscriber.
Change this below setting in your internet settings:

APN: airtelgprs.com
Port: 80
Homepage: www.techntelecom.blogspot.com

Here you go, now you can enjoy free internet on your mobile or Laptop.

Note: Before using this trick, make sure you have less than 1 rs balance and enjoy.

You can also do comment about the experience of using this trick.
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Friday, 4 October 2013

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IDEA upgraded 2G GPRS Internet 1 GB Pack

IDEA upgraded 2G GPRS Internet 1 GB Pack

Now, like other telecom companies idea also renew their existing GPRS 2G plans and introduced their 1 GB special pack to more higher price in 155 INR (Indian Rupees) which was earlier of Rs. 125 with the validity of 28 days.

Here is the List of the Plans with the Data usage and Price:
450 MB   99 Rs
625 MB   126 Rs
1 GB    155 Rs
Unlimited 2 GB   199 Rs
5 GB    305 Rs
Unlimited 3 GB    405 Rs

I wrote some data usage with the unlimited which means after the mentioned data usage, your max. Speed will become upto 40kbps. Recently BSNL also revised their 1 GB plan to 139 Rs, As per my knowledge Tata docomo has most affordable plans in Haryana. May be that is also for limited time, they will also surely increase. Now they are providing  4 GB for 149 Rs and 6 GB for 249 Rs with 2 months validity.

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

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MTNL Mumbai New 3G Data Tariff Plans

MTNL Mumbai New 3G Data Tariff Plans Yearly and Monthly

Recently MTNL Mumbai has launched 2 New 3G Data Packs for their Prepaid Subscribers, these 2 plans contains monthly and yearly validity with 2 GB per Month and 900 MB per month in Yearly Plans. Now most of the Private companies are hiking their Data tariff plans, even 2G GPRS packs are also become more costly, then somehow, it will be a good option for the Mumbai Online users.

First 3G data plan is of 299 Rs in Mumbai circle by MTNL and another yearly plan in which there is offer 900 MB per month for the 12 months is of 1250 Rs.

I think these plans are more suitable who are not a power users and using internet for some work only.

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Indian Govt. Providing 90 Lakh Free Tablet PC’s and Mobile Phones on Subsidies

Indian Govt. Providing 90 Lakh Free Tablet PC’s and Mobile Phones on Subsidies
2014 Elections are Near, and now Indian Government is finding the new ways to get exposure for securing their Vote banks, and for this purpose, they announced Free 9 million Tablet PCs to the Students in Rural Areas and 2.5 Crores approximate 25 Million mobile phones on subsidies will be provided to the Indian Rural People.

Free Tablets for Indians
We all know that the villagers get some benefit or not, but govt. will surely get some juices from the country’s money to securing their vote banks. Let see what will happen with these Freebies Announcements.
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Saturday, 24 August 2013

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Add Your Facebook Friends to Skype

Now facebook, which makes a great evolution in the field of Communication. Now, comes with an another feature that you can easily import your facebook contacts in to skype and do whatever you do on facebook by this feature directly from skype.

You can see the screenshot below, to importing function.

Hope it will help you if you are a skype user. You can get more info here.
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Sunday, 21 July 2013

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Tata Docomo Truth of Unlimited 3G Internet Special Tariff Packs

Tata Docomo Truth of Unlimited 3G Internet Special Tariff Packs
You have heard this lots of time, that tata docomo providing unlimited internet pack in just 250 rs or airtel providing it in 499 rs. Even, we also on techntelecom.blogspot.com shared some unlimited pack, but the truth is there is no 3G unlimited plans provided by the private Indian companies, they provide FUP plans means after using a limited data, the speed goes down.

Today, i am going to share a screenshot which i captured from the downloading session, when the limited 3G has ended and the speed goes down. You can see the difference in the normal 3G and the speed goes down after the limited speed.

The above screenshot is of Tata Docomo 250 Rs pack which brings 1GB 3G unlimited plan.

18.7 Kbps is after the subscription data usage
4.5 Mbps is in subscription of 3G.

The reason for posting this post is only that many internet users think the 3G unlimited plans are of really unlimited 3G usage, so they should be aware of the truth and choose the best plan and save money.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

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Tata Docomo 3G with Calling plans for Haryana

Tata Docomo 3G with Calling plans for Haryana
Tata docomo has a good no. Of market share in the circle Haryana for their 3G internet and Affordable Calling rates. So, today i am going to share Currently applicable Calling Plus 3G Combo plans on techntelecom.blogspot.com.

All the plans comes with the 30 Days validity. For Haryana these special 3G cum Calling plans are started from 146 rs to 2000 rs. You can take all the details from the below screenshot:

Click on the Image to Enlarge

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Tata Docomo 152 Rs and 252 Free National Roaming Plans India

Tata Docomo 152 Rs and 252 Free National Roaming Plans India
Tata docomo is one of the biggest telecom companies of india. Now they have launched 2 new free national roaming and incoming plans for their customers living in india.

Both the plans are comes with 2 month validities with different features and are available for the GSM and CDMA prepaid customers. You can check out all the plans in details below:

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

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Earn Daily 100 Rs Recharge on Your mobile by Using this Simple Trick

Today, On your favourite website techntelecom.blogspot.com, i am going to share the most easiest and simple trick to earning daily 100 rs recharge on your mobile. It is working with almost all the Indian network SIMs Airtel, Vodafone, IDEA, BSNL, Tata docomo, Videocon or any other networks mobile.

I already share many tricks earlier. But, for june 2013, i am sharing this simple way to earning 100 rs recharge daily. But, to reaching the 100 Rs level, you need to put your best efforts. You can recharge your phone daily in free with normal and special tariff plans applicable on your mobile service provider.

Now, let’s start the trick.

1.      Click here to Sign up with your mobile no. Make sure, the mobile is now with you.
2.       Now a password comes on your phone.
3.       Sign in with your mobile number and the password, you got via SMS.
4.       Here, you can earn recharge value by sending SMS, Playing Games and Refer your Friends.
5.       You can earn via Sending Free SMS through their sites and by playing games, but i recommend you to refer your friends via facebook and SMS. This is the most accurate way to earn 100 Rs daily, but as i already said, you need to put your best efforts.

So, don’t worry, if you have Uninor, Reliance or any other number like this is working on Docomo, IDEA, Vodafone and Airtel likewise applicable on them also.

The high you promote, the more you get the recharge value in your ultoo account.

I hope you like this way to earn daily Free recharge of 100 Rs.

For more useful tips, ideas and tricks keep visiting techntelecom.blogspot.com.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

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Android Hidden Secret Codes that You Didn't know?

Android is the No. 1 Operating system used in mobiles owned by Android, you might be one of the android mobile user. Now, i am going to share some hidden secret codes that you didn't know before that. I previously share some Useful codes for nokia mobile users also.

Click on the image to enlarge and note down all the secret android hidden codes more comfortably. Hope, these will be useful to you.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

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Aakash Tablet 4 Price in India, How and Where to Buy Online?

Until this date of posting this article, Aakash has mainly 3 versions named ubislate. Now, soon, there is full possibility to launch Aakash tablet 4 in India. Expected price for the named called ‘World’s cheapest tablet’ Aakash tab’s version 4. Datawind, the company who supply ubislate 7ci and 7c+ is available online for buying on their official website in their different respective versions with 4,000 and 5,000 pricing.

Now comes to the upcoming version of akash tab 4, it will comes with android’s most new version and price has been expected in the range of 3,000 Rs to 4,000 Rs.

As a substitute, you can also look at BSNL Penta, Read my hands on experience here.

Now the well known substitute of Aakash, which is BSNL Penta, price started from 3,500.

Features of UbiSlate 7Ci

·         7 Multi-touch capacitive
·         Android 4.0.3
·         512 MB RAM
·         WiFi

 Features of Ubislate 7C+

Proposed Specification for AAKASH-3
·         7 Multi-touch capacitive
·         Voice Call Available
·         512 MB RAM
·         WiFi and GPRS

Price is 3,999 and 4,999 Rs in India.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

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How to Receive back balance in Airtel and Tata Docomo?

Many times, your balance is deducted automatically or by mistake like you click on any flash link or any message by mistake. Many times, happen in almost all the Indian telecom network providers like Vodafone, airtel, docomo, reliance, idea. I can’t say about Vodafone, idea and reliance, but yeah, Airtel and tata docomo provides you the balance back, if you lose mistakenly by subscribing caller tune or download any game.

How this trick is working to get your balance back? First, the most importantly, you can’t get your talktime back after 24 hours of subscription of any service. Now, if you recently start the service, then you just need to call customer care of tata docomo or Airtel and tell them, that you recently start the services by MISTAKENLY or any small kid press the button of your phone or give them any realistic reason.

Now, they submit your request and within 24 hours you will get your all the balance back. I can say this trick is working for airtel and tata docomo, but in case of Vodafone, idea, bsnl, reliance or idea, you can also try the same procedure, and share your experience with us in comments or if you wants to add some other things in it, you can also comment below.

Now, i hope, if you had faced the same problem, you got your hard earned mobile talktime balance back. But, remember, if you subscribe any services many times, they will surely refuses to return back your balance. Want to earn some mobile balance and talktime in free. Read the below post:

Working Free Recharge trick 2013
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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

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24 Most Cutest and Funniest Facebook timeline Cover Photos

Facebook is now becoming a new mode of communication via text, graphic and video mode in an interactive manner. facebook tries to change the website in a continuous manner. So, they also introduced the timeline feature. In which, the design has been changed and you can show a cover photo in the top of your timeline in the wide width. So, if you are looking for some funniest and cutest Photos for your facebook timeline covers to download. You are on the right place. Here i am going to share 24 most cutest and funniest facebook covers, i found on the various places of internet.

So, how can you download these fb cover pics? You just need to click on the cover and a pop up will be start and right click on the cover and same image as or same picture as, whatever option suits your Operating system and web browser.

List for all the Facebook Covers to Download

For more updates and cool techie stuff, keep visit techntelecom.blogspot.com.

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Monday, 3 June 2013

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How to Increase traffic on Your website in Penguin Update by Google (Infographic)

Hey, if you are a blogger or a webmaster, then surely you are aware about the google's penguin update. it is the most famous update by google search engine's algorithm. most of the searches ranking affected by the new updation in their algorithm of ranking any new website.

So, what's the solution to increasing traffic on your website, even after penguin update, Here's the infographic to tell you, where you should need to go.


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Sunday, 2 June 2013

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How to Earn Free Recharge Daily? 100% Working Trick June 2013

Once again, I am here to presenting a new way to get daily recharge by using simple tricks, i am going to share with you. Most of my friends and other facebook buddies make almost daily recharge on their mobile by using simple tips, i am going to share on techntelecom.blogspot.com.

As, the june month has come, a month of summer and most of the people spends their time in home, because of high temperature. So, in the mean time to end up these summer days, you can earn a lots of mobile talktime and other Recharges like SMS, GPRS, 3G packs etc on this summer.

How this trick is Working?

So, what you have to do is Click here and Join

Now after joining confirm your email and phone number.

Now, when you are login in the account on pickzup, you will get 10 rs recharge instantly.

Congratulations, you almost started your journey to start earning free recharges.

For redeeming your first recharge, you have to reach to the 20 rs, balance, but thats so easy, no worry about that.

You can easily earn daily 20 rs or more balance, by reading their emails, playing games and cool contests and the most fast earning way is to refer your friends, means you will get 3 Rs per refer. Isn’t it so cool. According to this, if you promote your pickzup link on facebook and under your link if daily 3 friends average join, you will easily get 10 rs recharge daily.

And again, you can multiply these figures, if you refer 6 friends, then 20 rs recharge daily. One more thing, i would like to add, suppose, you have reach the 300 rs level, then you can also earn that in the form of money without any investment and they will send you the check at your home.

Note: the amount of recharge, you can redeem only after 48 hours. And 10 points is equal to 1 rs. You can earn 30 points per referred friend and it works with almost all the telecom service provider in india like Airtel, Vodafone, reliance, docomo, bsnl, aircel, idea and others.

So, best of luck, and i hope you will enjoy this free recharge trick.
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Friday, 31 May 2013

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Love arranged by Shaadi.com, Brand ambassador Chetan bhagat

Chetan bhagat is a world famous novelist of India, and somehow, his novels are inspired by love and relationship, may be thats the reason for shaadi.com to choose chetan bhagat their brand ambassador.

Shaadi.com start their campaign with chetan bhagat by broadcasting some sweet relationship ads. One of the The commercial which i liked most is i shared below, You can watch.

Click here to Join Shaadi.com.

I got the link of their tvc on my news feed shared by chetan bhagat as i am one of his fan on facebook.
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Firstpost acquired Faking news for an undisclosed huge amount

Recently, firstpost a very famous web portal by network 18, now acquired faking news another web portal to be present all the Indian news in a humorous manner. So, network 18 saw a huge potential of the faking news website and they acquired it. But the amount is still not disclosed by network 18 or from the side of Faking news.

Firstpost established 2 years ago by network 18, india’s biggest media company. I think they are very well aware about how much the potential there is on intenet for publishing information and fakingnews has a great brand name in the same.

Now, if you wants to go to the faking news website, you have to type fakingnews.firstpost.com in the url bar of your internet browser.

Everywhere on the social media and blogosphere, discussion is going on about this famous Indian acquisition.

What do you think about this acquisition? Do let us know in the comments.
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Airtel 1 Month Call Reduction STV pack

Airtel 1 Month Call Reduction STV pack
For those airtel customers, who wants a call rate cutter recharge plan for one month. You know now almost all the telecom operators like docomo, aircel, idea hike their call charges to 1.5 per second in India.  So, for reduces your call charges to 1 paisa per 2 seconds i am going to share 2 plans for this advantage.

First is 37 rs special recharge for airtel subscribers brings you the validity of 30 days and call reduction to all the local calls to 1 paisa per 2 seconds that means if you are live in delhi then, in the whole delhi, you have to pay 33% balance on calls.

Another one is of 19 rupees with the same call rate, with talktime of 10 rs and the validity of this recharge is 60 days, but this plan is valid for the first recharge for new airtel customers.

So, i hope, you got the information you need. For more useful plans and topup information, don’t forget to visit techntelecom.blogspot.com.
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Saturday, 25 May 2013

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New Mobile Jolla with New Operating System Sailfish enter in Indian Market

Now, when the mobile market in india and world is in theirboom growth stage, so new companies are not behind to launch the continuously new mobiles. So, here’s today i am talking about a new company jolla mobilehave all the multimedia and networking features, which we usually see in other smartphones. The unique and different thing of this mobile is the new operating system Sailfish.

Sailfish, Operating system, name is quite similar with google android’s operating system like Ginger bread, Ice cream sandwich etc.

Jolla mobile has 4.5 inches big screen and supported with multitouch capability.

Internal memory of jolla is 16 GB and expandable upto 64 GB, which is very impressive.

You can record and Capture high resolution Pictures with its 8 MP Camera.

Brief list for the main features Jolla mobile brings you are:

Browser - HTML5
Colors - light Blue, Green, White, Orange
CPU - Dual-core
GPS - Yes, with A-GPS support
Java - Yes, via Java MIDP emulator
Messaging - SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, IM
OS - Sailfish OS
Radio - TBA
Sensors - Accelerometer, proximity, compass

Now comes to the foremost part of the phone is price. In india, jolla mobile is available in price range of 25,000 Rs to 30,000 Rs.
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

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BSNL Revised GPRS and 3G plans for Postpaid and Prepaid users

After revising GPRS pack by private telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Docomo, Reliance and IDEA, now BSNL also revised their GPRS packs or You can say they devaluate these special tariff plans for internet consumption from your mobile or data card.

Earlier 270 Rs packs brings you 10 GB internet for 30 days validity. Now, they devaluate to 5 GB for the same validity.

301 special prepaid data plan had comes with 8 GB data for 90 days validity, but now you will get only 6 GB data for the same validity.

Here is the List for all BSNL prepaid 2G GPRS Tariff plans:
MRP of RCV in Rs.
Free data usage
Validity in days
Day/Any time usage
Night Usage
100 MB
1 day
200 MB
3 days
500 MB
25 days^^
30 days
30 days
4 GB
30 days
5 GB
30 days
6 GB
90 days

According to me, my favorite GPRS Pack is of 301 Still, because you gets 90 days validity, so if you calculate 2GB Monthly internet usage, then it will be good to have 100 rs per month for your web access expenses. These all packs are working for both data card and mobile.

For check your internet balance dial *123*6# from your BSNLnumber, working in USB modem also.

In the 3G plans for the Prepaid customers, there are not so much changes happened in some past months, so if you wants to access high speed 3G packs, then here I am putting here the list for all the recent applicable packs:
Data STV in Rs.(Inclusive service Tax)
Day/Any time usage in MB
Night  usage in MB
Validity (days)
0.75 GB x 12 months
1.5 GB x 12 months
2.5 GB x 12 months

In the above table, BSNL brings you full variety as per your budget, Annual plans for 1.5 and 2.5 GB are pretty attractive or you are full independent to choose from 25 Rs subscriptions to 3300 Subscriptions.

While comparing Postpaid 2G GPRS plans with Prepaid, then postpaid have better prospects, so check out postpaid plans:
FMC of plan in Rs./Month*
Free data usage
Additional usage charges with pulse rate of 10KB
Day/Any time usage
Night Usage
300 MB
2 GB
1250 MB
2000 MB
4 GB
4 GB
10 GB

However, prepaid customers always have advantage that they can skip for their subscription any month, but this lacks in Post paid.

BSNL Postpaid users can review below plans, if you are interest in 3G high speed surfing and downloading.
Fixed Monthly Charge (FMC) in Rs.
Day/Any time usage in MB
Post free usages

It’s really wonder to see that How BSNL gives you so much range in compare with other private companies for their data plans. However, 3G packs are very high price, but 2G Data plans still have a lead in price and value.
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